Love Harry Potter and want to be crowned his biggest fan?

Harry Potter is one of the biggest and most successful book series of all time, and with people all around the world claiming to be Harry Potter’s biggest fan, Bloomsbury are giving people in UK and Ireland the chance to be crowned Harry Potter’s biggest fan!

All you have to do is write, in no more than 50 words, what makes you Harry’s biggest fan! You can be as clever, creative or as entertaining as you like– draw, paint, illustrate your entry and prove yourself as a muggle that deserves a magical title.

Bloomsbury are offering one lucky Muggle family an enchanting trip to the Harry Potter World of Wizarding in Orlando, Florida! On this trip you will take with you some very special reading material– a leather bound, signed and dedicated 15th Anniversary issue of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

14 runners up will also win a copy of a very special edition of this magical book.

Come down to the Blackpool Library Service and find a mysterious red post box to post your letter to Bloomsbury along with your application form to be in with a chance of winning.

Closing date 31st July 2012. For more information click here.

Want to advertise this in your school? Click the poster below and print it off!


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