Want to be rewarded for doing something that you love? Time to Read has the perfect summer challenge for you. Many people can find themselves stuck in a ‘book rut’, reading the same author time and time again and sticking to the same tired genre. Reading Rewards aims to get you engrossed in something that you have never read before, whether it’s a timeless classic or an historical saga, Reading Rewards is set to get you reading and enjoying it.
All you have to do is pop into your local Blackpool library and pick up a form, or download one online by clicking here.
The form will give you ten categories;
1. Adventure or Thriller
2. Biography or memoir
3. Classic Novels
4. Contemporary Fiction
5. Crime, Romance or Western
6. Historical
7. Sci-fi, fantasy or horror
8. Young Adult
9. Poetry or Drama
10. Any non-fiction

Select 6 books from the given categories and get your form at the ready—separated into categories depending on how many book you have read, everyone has a chance to win!
Once you have read and enjoyed a book, you simply add it to your form with the author, title and three words that sum up your reaction to your latest book.
There will be one bronze prize, one silver and one gold prize- you could win anything up to a £50 voucher!

As long as you have read at least three books, you have qualified to enter, so hand your form in at your local Blackpool library by 31st October.
Winners announced by 1st December 2012.

Visit Time to Read for more information.
Tweet about Reading Rewards to @bpoollibraries #ReadingRewards


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