Wimbledon 2012

Andy Murray’s tear stained face covered the front of every British newspaper yesterday.

Whilst Murray was ultimately defeated by seven-time Wimbledon winner Roger Federer, it was universally acknowledged that Murray played a great match. Lasting for four sets, the Murray/Federer match made for a thrilling afternoon watch.
Of the 126 men who didn’t even come close to playing the Grand Slam, Murray did the nation proud and triumphed as he reached the Men’s Singles final.

Andy Murray – Hitting Back
Hitting Back shows an insight into Murray’s life, discussing the trials and tribulations of being in the public eye- in addition to the pressure from a nation that is desperate for a genuine, British tennis star. Murray also discusses private matters, including his close shave with death at the Dunblane massacre.
Reserve it here.

Chris Bowers – Roger Federer: The Greatest
It is generally accepted that Federer is one of the greatest tennis stars ever, boasting a huge seventeen Grand Slam titles to his name.
Bowers traces the rise of Federer discussing his journey to stardom. The autobiography follows the highs and lows of the tennis stars life, from his clash with illness to the birth of his twin girls.
Reserve his book and learn more about the tennis star here


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