Author Visit

As the much talked about author visit finally came around; a group of forty readers eagerly piled into Layton library to hear Stephen Booth speak. It was clear from the beginning that Stephen Booth was a natural public speaker, using no prompts or cards, he spoke freely about the process of writing novels and how he develops the characters. Booth’s novels, all of which are crime fiction, involve undertaking an incredible amount of research and the ability to judge a situation from a number of different viewpoints. He captivated the audience questioning their ethics and morals– leaving them pondering whether, if pushed, they could kill another human being.
He took this opportunity to announce that he had recently sold the television rights to his books. Fans of Booth will be pleased to know that the filming of the series will take place in the Peak District- the setting of all of his current crime novels.
Booth, who grew up in Blackpool, discussed how he became a writer and how his love of books formed. He gave readers an insight into his childhood and revealed that as a child, there were only two books in his home- the Bible and a fortune telling guide. In order to read a different selection of books, he joined his local library in both his name and his parents- opening him up to a whole new world of literature.

For more information on Stephen Booth and his work visit his website or for updates, follow him on twitter @stephenbooth


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