Olympic Games!

When Great Britain first petitioned for the 30th Olympiad to be held in London, the country and the world waited with baited breath to see if us Brits- quirky and sarcastic- could prove to be worthy hosts. A mass of preparation and planning led to a jam packed two weeks of fierce competition; like a perfectly crafted story, London 2012 had a well structured and charismatic beginning, middle and an end. The games closed on Sunday evening with a blast- quite literally- as a firework display camouflaged the night sky with streams of colour and hope for the future.
With London 2012 officially over, the games have left us in suspended animation, not ready to let go of the privilege of hosting such an exciting and historical event.
If, like me, you found yourself captivated by the competition and magic of the Olympic Games, don’t let it all end here for you.

Here are our top picks of Olympic themed books:

> The Complete Book of the Olympics- 2012 Edition- David Wallechinsky & Jaime Loucky
> The Armchair Olympian – Paul Ascough
> The Olympics: The Basics – Andy Miah & Beatriz Garcia
> The Olympics Strangest Moments – Geoff Tibballs
> Usain Bolt: The Story of the Worlds Fastest Man – Steven Downes

Visit our library catalogue for more Olympic reads.

Photo Credit: BBC News


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