The Big Switch-On

Blackpool boasts the ability to make the perfect transition between summer and autumn, lighting up the dull and blustery nights with a sparkling array of lights. Blackpool Illuminations, which attracts over 3.6 million visits per year, is celebrating 100 years of magic, with new and exciting additions to an already powerful display.

Through the tough drizzle and harsh winds, nearly 40,000 onlookers arrived in their masses to witness this special night. To begin the festivities, local artists and performers took to the stage- with Layton born singer-songwriter, Karima Francis, closing the opening segment with songs from her second album. The night continued with an assortment of music from 80’s idol, Rick Astley, to the most recent X-Factor winners, Little Mix, taking to the stage to wow the audience with stunning performances.
The big Illuminations party concluded with TEAM GB heroes flicking the big switch and opening the night sky into a kaleidoscope of colours, as a whirlwind of celebration began.

Photo credit: Rob Lock via Blackpool Gazette

If you’re interested in the history of the Illuminations, Blackpool Library Service has a selection of books and information on the history of Blackpool Illuminations, take a look at the library catalogue or head down to the Local and Family History at Blackpool Central Library.

Pssssst! Did you know? One of the new Blackpool Illuminations themes is Haunted Blackpool! Haunted Blackpool is a book by Stephen Mercer that is available at libraries across Blackpool now!

Pssssstt! Did you know? Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is now the creative director of the Blackpool Illuminations.


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