TRAVELS WITH MY BOGGART – Louise Nulty & Jacqueline Pilton

Last night, Blackpool Central Library was transformed into wartime Britain, where fear and austerity was rife and hopes and dreams for the future were more like make-believe than reality.
This enchanted tale follows a young World War II evacuee, as she leaves her family and home behind and crosses the North Sea to the dark and forbidding Moors of Pennine Lancashire.
She is greeted with the local stories and myths of a friendly Boggart who resides on Holden Clough Farm- never expecting to meet him herself. She finds herself pining after the vision of the beautiful sea that she left behind in Guernsey, but all she finds is endless fields filled with cows and crops. But as the dreary nights draw in and her dreams of seeing the sea become more vivid; a helpful Boggart is more than willing to lend a hand.
The Boggart takes her on a whirlwind adventure, across Lancashire, from Lancaster to Pilling to Preesall to Blackpool- where she finally gets to see the sea. Although, it’s not as glorious as she remembers.
This mesmerising duo take you through a whirlwind of characters (22 to be exact!), each one as charismatic as the next. You begin to see past the two ladies in front of you as they depict men, women, ghosts and Satan himself, in an extraordinary manner. Using only a few props, these ladies let your imagination run wild creating the scenes in your mind as their voices and actions carry you into another world.

Wordpool Festival is off to a fantastic start, and with this performance being one of the first, we are excited to see what other marvels will entertain us next.
Be sure not to miss anything else and keep updated on Wordpool activities and events on Twitter, Facebook or download the programme.



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