Happy New Year Book Lovers!

Utter the phrase ‘New Year’s resolution’ and you’ll hear many people mumble… ‘What’s the point?’ Every year we make these resolutions, whether it’s to finally start eating right or to go and visit Aunt Mabel in Scarborough- but rarely we follow them up. So many New Year’s resolutions end in disappointment; whether you’ve tried and failed or not even tried at all.
Happy 2013 from Blackpool Library Service

This year, why not try something that is not only achievable but free? Here are some of our suggestions:

Trace your Family Tree!
At Blackpool Central library, we make tracing your family tree a whole lot easier. Specialist librarians are on hand to help you work around websites such as Ancestry and Find My Past. One family history devotee has managed to get her family tree all the way back to 1513, now I’m not suggesting you go that far, but why not get started?

Learn a Language!
‘Un diverso linguaggio è una diversa visione della vita’
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew what this said without having to follow the link? Start the New Year with a new language! Our online language course works at your pace, you can visit it as often or as little as you desire. Choose from over 70 languages with this listen, see, speak and write package. Buona fortuna!

Find a job you love!
Searching for jobs has become so simple with the new gov.uk website, so why not start the New Year with a new job? Come into any library across Blackpool and we’ll help you get set up on the new website and start you off on a search for a new job. Not got an email address? No problem, we can offer you the helping hand that you need to get you on the right track.

Read More!
There is no such thing as reading too much and in 2013, we want you to push it to the extreme! Got an e-book reader for Christmas? We now have e-books and audio books that you can borrow online, just as you would a normal book- completely free. Don’t forget about all our real books though, we still have plenty of those in our library catalogue

Happy 2013 from Blackpool Library Service

For all these services, you’ll need a library card. Fill in our simple online form and take full advantage of all our services.


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