– Game of Thrones – Season Three –

A Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin
The season three premiere of HBO’s A Game of Thrones is set to hit our screens in April this year, and whilst this is a pleasant addition to our television schedules, it doesn’t quite compare to the capricious and erratic writings of George R.R. Martin.
Now on his sixth novel, the storylines are not slowing or fading at all; but they are not for the fainthearted as carnage comes with every turn of the page. Martin doesn’t give you time to get bored of character, as the speed of their turnover leaves them somewhat forgettable. As I rifle through the pages of the novels, I dread that my favourite character might be next to meet his cruel and untimely death.
Through a myriad of subplots, the A Game of Thrones series are a compelling set of novels that question family loyalty and sacrifice to the highest degree.

Pick up the A Game of Thrones series in any of the Blackpool libraries, alternatively you can order them online

Pssssssst, did you know?
Two eager fans wanted George R.R. Martin to speed up writing his next novel so much that they recorded their own song to hurry it along. You can find it by searching Write like the Wind.



  1. I love this series book in the book form and on the movie screen! I am super excited about this new season, and I cannot wait until he finishes his 6th novel! I just hope it isn’t anything like the 4th book. I must say I was a little put off with that book. I also thought that I read that the season 3 premier will be in March of this year?

    • The transition from books to screen really is very good- rarely is something done so well.
      We can’t wait for the sixth book to arrive on our shelves, the series are very popular across Blackpool libraries and we’re sure that there is going to be a huge demand for the new book- and rightly so!
      The season three premiere hits our screens on Sky Atlantic on April 1st, just one day after it is premiered in the USA. Brilliant news for fans like me who can’t wait to watch the new season!!
      Who’s your favourite character in the series?

      • My favorite character is Brienne! My second fav is Tyrion he is so brilliant!

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