horrible histories win win win

Have you been practising your Harry Potter spells at school? Using the Wingardium Leviosa spell to pick up your history book? Well, I’d stop right there, if you were alive in the Tudor times witchcraft was a very serious offence.  If you were accused, innocent or guilty – there was no way you could survive.

Want to learn more about the crimes and punishment of the Villainous Victorians & the Terrible Tudors? Enter our competition to win Horrible Histories tickets at the Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Horrible Histories, A Blackpool Library Service competition
 We’re not asking you to name all of Henry VIII’s wives to win these tickets, all you need to do is grab your pens and pencils and colour in this picture! You can print it out at home or you can pop into any Blackpool library and pick one up- make sure it’s back by February 28th!

Don’t forget about everything that we have going on on National Libraries Day, it’s a day not to be missed.

Pssst… Did you know?
It was in the Victorian era that seaside holidays became popular and Blackpool became the tourist destination that it is today.


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