National Libraries Day 2013

In the two weeks running up to National Libraries Day, we have been collecting reasons why you love you library. We were completely inundated with responses and we absolutely loved reading all your reasons! We shared countless reasons with you on Twitter & made a little display at Central library with a few of  your lovely entries…


National Libraries Day was a great success across Blackpool libraries-  from the piles of Lego in the morning to the stacks of Romance novels in the evening. It was great to celebrate this special day with adults and children alike.

Continuing on the theme of loving your library, a Blackpool libraries member and our 2012 Reading Rewards winner, wrote a little something about why she loves her library….

I love my library because
Anne Walton – Reading Rewards winner 2012

‘I have been a member of a library since I have been able to read. For the 48 years I have lived in Blackpool, I have been a member of Blackpool libraries. My local library, Anchorsholme, is currently open 4 and a half days a week and it’s where you will find me most days. I like to make the most of all the services that my library provides, using the computers to research my family tree and reading the daily selection of newspapers- I also catch up with friends that also use the library. Here I am a member of the Crime Reading group, Readers Digest group and a new group called Knit and Natter.
So when my local librarians suggested that I take part in the Reading Rewards challenge, I thought it might be something new to do, never thinking for a second that I might win. The challenge was to read up to ten titles from at least six different genres; each time you read a book you had to record its details and describe your reading experience. With the incentive of winning a selection of prizes, I thought I would give it a go.
When I received the phone call to say that I had won a prize for the entry considered outstanding, I couldn’t believe my ears. Outstanding  I’m now in my 60’s and my work has never been considered outstanding. What an honour.
Taking part encouraged me to read different types of books and my prize of a KOBO e-reader has encouraged me to use even more of the library services- the new selection of e-books!’

Don’t forget all the reasons you love your library are on Twitter and photographs from all of the events can be found on Facebook.

We love our library members!
As a big thank you for all your support on National Libraries Day, we’re giving away a KOBO e-reader!
All you have to do is like our page over on Facebook!


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