Seated in front of a mock up of the Blithe Spirit set, a bicycle bell echoes throughout the room as Margaret Rutherford arrives. Pushing her bicycle through the audience, breathless and blustering… ‘Call Margaret Rutherford’ begins- Jacqueline Pilton’s affectionate and intimate biography of the iconic actress.

Call Margaret RutherfordMargaret has been summoned from the afterlife and arrives in the present day. For the next hour we are taken on a journey through Margaret’s poignant life. This feels less like a play and more like a conversation with an old and familiar friend, as she shares with us her triumphs and anguish.

Jacqueline is a joy to behold as Margaret; she captures the actress’s idiosyncrasies perfectly. The effective use of pathos and humour creates an overall bittersweet effect. This moving play is a must for all fans of Margaret Rutherford, British film and theatre.

As with Margaret Rutherford’s life, the interest in this event was overwhelming and we welcomed a fantastic audience into the Brunswick Room. Many thanks to Jacqueline Pilton for another captivating event.

Missed this event? Don’t worry! With Wordpool Festival coming up, there will be plenty more events just like this for you to look forward to!
We’ll give you more information as soon as we have it, so keep your eyes peeled for Wordpool news and updates.



  1. The Call Margaret Rutherford event was very enjoyable and gave me a new insight to the actress. Jacqueline Pilton was excellent.

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