The Blackpool Fairytale

It’s been great to see you and your little ones coming into Blackpool libraries to celebrate Bookstart Week! We’ve had fairies and princesses, a Gingerbread man and Robin Hood, and of course, Bookstart Bear himself.
This year, the theme of Bookstart Week was fairytales, and with your help and imagination we wrote our very own Blackpool Fairytale on Twitter!

Special thanks to the authors; @Bettylocke79, @BubbleBogle ,@cwhile, @Emsi38, @joannekane1, @KnittyMcsprag, @ladymaizy, @Nobeatjohn & @WhitbyLover.

We hope you’re sitting comfortably-
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“There once was a King who lived a quiet and content life, ruling his Kingdom with great grace and wisdom. As time went by, the affairs of state and court life gradually weighed heavily upon the King, and he grew increasingly morose.
Concerned, his advisors discussed the ways in which they could improve the King’s mood. They decided he should marry. The King agreed, providing he could choose his Queen freely, regardless of wealth or status. Reluctantly, his advisors agreed, and so a magnificent ball was planned to grant the King opportunity to meet his bride.
On the night of the ball the palace teemed with eligible woman determined to capture the eye of the King. Perfumed and delicate they fluttered about the King in a whirl of colours and sounds. Each determined to be the chosen one.
One woman stood out from the rest. Spectacularly beautiful, she radiated an elegance and composure which drew the King in. The advisors congratulated themselves. Their plan had succeeded; the King was clearly captivated by this genteel lady….

To amuse the guests a troupe of entertainers had been engaged, amongst them a sweet-faced young singer. As the King talked with the beautiful lady, the girl began to sing. Enraptured, the King turned from the woman at his side.

 Unbeknown to the king, his chief advisor planned to take the young singer for himself, and when he saw the kings interest the advisor became terribly vexed, and being a ruthless and deviant sort, he wondered how to prevent the two from meeting.

 Under cover of darkness the wicked advisor left the palace and sought help from a shrivelled crone who lived by the woods; known to practice the dark arts and, for the right price, willing to share her knowledge.

 When the Advisor found the shrivelled crone, she was gloomily contemplating youth spells to make herself younger. While listening to the wicked advisors plot to ensure the singer only had eyes for him the crone came up with her own plan. The cunning crone made up a huge cauldron of crone tea and added three drops of magic potion. She drank this and waited.

The nefarious advisor noticed something very strange about the old hag. Her neck had begun to lengthen and her skin stretched, turning green and mottled. With a huge crack, leathery wings burst out of her back. Fangs protruding from her gaping maw

The advisor’s eyes bulged from their sockets as he stared at the monstrous dragon before him. Slowly a rumble started deep down in the dragon’s stomach until she belched out a long stream of toxic fire.

 As the smoke cleared from the room all that could be seen was a small pile of ash, and at the table sat the elegant noblewoman who had first caught the King’s eye.

 Meanwhile, back at the castle, the king could not sleep – so he set pen to paper, wanting to express his feelings in words. .I heard your voice, I saw your face, sight and sound of equal grace, these feelings can no longer hide, fair maiden, will you be my bride? The King was oblivious to the ersatz noblewoman’s schemes to revenge her humiliation for his slight at the ball.

 Joyfully the King wooed the young singer, unaware of the dark forces gathering against them. The singer, immensely flattered by the King’s attentions, never the less attempted to maintain some distance from the King. Aware that their union would be viewed with mistrust she carefully guarded her heart and behaviour.

 While the king was busy falling in love, unaware of the trouble brewing, his most loyal and wise subject, the King’s chef could sense trouble in the air – he’d always kept an eye on the Advisor; since Chef first met him he thought he’d be trouble.

 Suddenly a violent flash of magnitudinal proportions filled the kitchen, which horrified the Chef…..what horror was this?

 The witch stared with evil narrowed eyes at him, she uttered a spell which turned Chef into a frog and threw him in the oven the evil sorceress then began to hunt through the palace searching for the innocent young singer.

 Surprising her in her chamber the witch cursed the singer transforming her into a tiny little bird; the singer felt compelled to fly out of the window in her bird form and away from the life she knew. She felt free…. a feeling she had never felt before.

 Meanwhile the evil sorceress had other plans for the kingdom and now was the time to put those plans in motion. Desiring to possess all the power and riches the Kingdom could offer, the enchantress summoned a dark and ancient power.  Creeping and insidious, a heavy silence descended upon the palace. Silence was replaced by an unsavoury voice, raw, uncelebrated, filling space like the stench perpetrating from the vestibules. 

The source of the dreadful stench was a vile spirit. On the witch’s command the spirit infected the inhabitants of the palace. Spreading despair and disharmony.

And so, the King and his people were in thrall to the evil witch. Forced to obey her every command.

 Palace life was overshadowed by the taint of the Witch’s greed and cruelty, ruthlessly she abused her powers. Over time the sorceress began to return to her original crone like state, unable to maintain her glamour and spells.

 The now beautiful crone was still enchanting the king, until through the window came the ethereal song of a small bird. As the pure notes of the birdsong reached the ears of the King and his people, they began to awake from their spellbound state. Furious, the Crone shrieked and turned to the window.

 Spotting the bird, the evil hag lurched towards it, grabbing; the bird flew off the window sill and began pecking at the witch’s eyes, the hag began whirling about frantically. The hag, eyes covered to save her sight, staggered about the room trying to fend off the bird’s attack.

 The bird attacked again and again blinding the hag. She let out a blood curdling scream. She ricocheted off the wall and stumbled. Lurching forward, the witch fell out of the window. Falling, down, down.  Plummeting to her grisly end.

 Upon the Witch’s demise all her enchantments shattered. The singer, returned to her true form, ran to the King and clasped him to her. Joyfully they gazed upon one another and she fell deeply in love. The king clutched her to him and they kissed, for what seemed like forever.

The day of their wedding dawned fair and clear. Bells rang throughout the land, and all the birds of the air flocked to witness the vows of the happy King and his beautiful bride and yes, they did indeed live happily ever after.

The end


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