Save With Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less.

Want to eat exciting food that doesn’t break the bank? Jamie Oliver’s new book, Save With Jamie, proposes to help you do just that- showing you how to buy economically and efficiently to save you and your family more money. Jamie suggests that simple changes to buying habits can save you both time and money when it comes to food preparation and storage. With no compromises on taste or presentation, this new book aims to revolutionise your meals.

Save With Jamie
Save With Jamie
Jamie Oliver understands the pivotal role that libraries play within communities and that users are often dependent on the services that they provide. In order to make his new money-saving book accessible to all, Jamie has teamed up with Penguin Random House and national charity, The Reading Agency to offer one free copy of his new book to every library across the UK.

Jamie Oliver said:

‘We know from the fabulous work that libraries do every day that everyone deserves a chance to learn basic skills that can improve everyday lives. Reading and cooking are two of those skills for sure. I’ll admit I’ve been a late developer with the first, but I can definitely help with the second.’

Thanking Jamie, Anne Ellis, Head of Libraries in Blackpool said:

‘We are very grateful to Jamie Oliver and his publisher for this generous gift. Having access to free books and information is vitally important, especially when people are under financial pressure. Jamie’s mission to make good food affordable to all directly contributes to the role that libraries play in supporting our local communities in Blackpool – and there are many people in our community who will benefit from Save with Jamie.’

All eight libraries in Blackpool now have a copy of Save with Jamie, as well as a range of other cooking books, both from Jamie Oliver and other popular chefs.

Log into your online account and reserve a copy through the library catalogue.


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