The A-Z of Roald Dahl! Happy Birthday, Mr Dahl…

Roald Dahl once said, a little magic can take you a long way… so he gave us all the magic his imagination could muster in his enchanting children’s stories. Every year on Roald Dahl Day, we celebrate all the gloriumptious tales that he shared with us, and this year we’re guiding you through the jumpsquiffling A-Z of this magical man-

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In all the excitement of Roald Dahl Day, Blackpool Grand Theatre have kindly donated three family tickets to see James & the Giant Peach between 2nd-5th October 2013. To win these tickets, all you have to do is gather your coloured pens and pencils and colour in this sheet. You can collect entry forms from any Blackpool library, or download and print it at home.

Entries must be received by 24th September 2013. All entrants must be 11 and under.

Good luck & happy Roald Dahl Day!!


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