Paid Work Experience Opportunity

Are you aged 16-19 and looking for paid work experience in Literature and the Arts?

We’re looking for a driven and enthusiastic young person, with a passion for literature, who is keen to gain firsthand experience in a number of different roles. This is the opportunity to work in a creative environment on two upcoming festivals, gaining valuable and exciting experience to support you in your future career path.

This is the opportunity to work on two exciting and upcoming festivals gaining valuable experience working in a creative environment.

 Our ideal candidate is:

  • Aged 16-19 years
  • Full of ideas and eager to learn more
  • Interested in pursuing a career in literature and/or the arts
  • Flexible, organised, and reliable

You will be expected to work 5 hours per week from February – July 2014, at £5 per hour.

Please download and return the completed APPLICATION FORM by 12 noon on Monday 6th January 2014. Further information can be found on the Wordpool Festival website.






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