Lyrics in libraries…


Coldplay fans have been going crazy this week with the announcement that lyrics from their upcoming album ‘Ghost Stories‘ will be hidden in library books across the world. Clues are released on Twitter and fans are then sent on a scavenger hunt to find the envelopes with the handwritten lyrics inside. As each of the lyrics sheets are found, they are shared and displayed on Coldplay’s Official Twitter page for other fans to see.

As much as we hoped that a Blackpool library would be one of the chosen libraries, we knew that the odds were slim. But when this clue was released this morning,  local Coldplay fans (& library staff alike) were filled with a glimmer of hope…

The next clue hinted at the book title which the lyrics could be found in, and our telephones rang out with enquiries from fans about whether we had books from this specific Children’s author in stock. Unfortunately, the dream was short lived and the envelope was found in Dundrum library in Dublin, but it was definitely exciting whilst it lasted…


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