Murder, Mystery & Martinis – Wordpool Festival Launch

Ann Cleeves and Peter Robinson Book Covers
Wednesday 2 July
Stanley Park Cafe

Join highly acclaimed international crime writers Ann Cleeves & Peter Robinson for a night of crime writing revelations accompanied with complimentary cocktails and canapes.
Entertainment to include singer Rosie Harrison accompanied by Tim Kincaig.
This special fundraising event will include quizzes, Q&A’s with the authors and book signings, with great prizes to be won.

Tickets must be booked in advance
Library Members – £12 //  Non Library Members – £15

To guarantee a place at this event book your ticket through Eventbrite or pop into any Blackpool Library.
Remember, if you are a library member, you can get your ticket at a discounted price- to join fill in this simple form and collect your card from Blackpool Central Library. 

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  1. In the past I have always supported Worldpool and many events provided by Blackpool Library services. I was looking forward to this year’s festival. I would like to know if any consideration was given to people who use public transport. Stanley Park Cafe is a delightful venue, I frequently visit it during the daytime. It is virtually inaccessible in the evenings. The nearest bus stop is a twenty minute. walk. Fine during the day time not much fun in the evenings when bus run every thirty minutes. I would like to know if any consideration was given to making this event
    inclusive to all. Thank you

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you for your comments, we’re sorry to hear that the location of this event will be difficult for you to get to.
      I have passed your comments on to the organisers of Wordpool Festival, who would like to reply to you directly. Would it be possible for you to send us a contact email address?
      Many thanks,
      Blackpool Library Service

    • Hi Christine,
      Please accept our apologies for such a late response, due to staffing issues we have had difficulty managing this blog live and have been reliant on scheduled posts.
      I’ve have passed your comments on to the Wordpool organiser who asked us to pass on this reply…

      Hi, thank you for your comments regarding the Wordpool Festival. We are sorry to hear that our choice of launch venue is proving a problem for you.
      Each year, in response to our evaluation data, we try to respond to participants requests and suggestions, last year we had a number of suggestions about using alternative venues to the town centre as some participants where nervous about coming into town in the evenings. We also as you probably know have in previous years used a variety of locations in order to reach people who do not normally visit our libraries This is the first time with have used the Art Deco Café in Stanley Park, and we have chosen this venue for our launch for several reasons:

      1) the location is stunning and fits well with the themes for the fundraising launch event. The owners of the Café have been particularly supportive with this event and are offering a lot of extra’s that many town centre venues would find difficult to compete with.
      2) a number of participants last year suggested this venue would be suitable for a special Wordpool event.
      3) a number of participants suggested in the evaluation data that they would rather not come to the town centre in the evening for an event

      We value the support of our Wordpool audience and as there will be a number of staff and volunteers with cars at this event we are sure that one of us could assist with a lift to the nearest bus stop for your return journey. Just make yourself known to the person on the door as you arrive if this is an option you would like to take up.
      We hope the information above has been helpful and that we will see you at the event.

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