The Gramophones Theatre Company presents WANDERLUST


Hidden in the deepest, darkest depths of rural England, in the corners of dusty libraries are people with a burning secret. A story to tell… If only someone would ask…

Armed each with a Dictaphone and a pair of Wellington Boots, three women began a search to satisfy their lust for adventure. Hunting in forgotten corners of the country they made it their mission to bring back the most exciting tale.

Kristy Guest hitchhiked her way around Nottinghamshire on mobile libraries; Hannah Stone hijacked passers by in Norfolk they both collected stories of epic journeys, risk taking, adventure and life changing circumstances. Ria Ashcroft was invited into nursing homes to chat with the inhabitants and help them create stories, which led her to unravel her own family story of a hereditary disease.

Returning with a variety of different stories some about life changing moments, others about funny surprises, and even one about getting lost in the jungle. The three set about making a theatre show that would tell these stories in an honest, lively and fun way. Wanderlust weaves stories together using humour, verbatim and beautiful live music to take the audience on an uplifting journey.

Wednesday 6 May 2015
Blackpool Central Library

Booking is essential for this event
Tickets are £6 or £5 for Blackpool Library members
Please call 01253 478070 to book your place

Please visit Gramophones Theatre Company for more information


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