Wordpool Presents… THE LONEY : BOOK LAUNCH by Andrew Michael Hurley

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Wordpool was such a success this year that they are treating us to another event already!

We are so excited to be hosting the official book launch of Andrew Michael Hurley’s debut novel THE LONEY.

Not only does this look like a great read, it’s has also been recommended by one of our all time favourite authors Stephen King who described it as ‘an amazing piece of fiction‘.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of this book and start reading!

“If it had another name, I never knew, but the locals called it the Loney – that strange nowhere between
the Wyre and the Lune where Hanny and I went every Easter time with Mummer, Farther, Mr and Mrs
Belderboss and Father Wilfred, the parish priest. It was impossible to truly know the place. It changed
with each influx and retreat, and the neap tides would reveal the skeletons of those who thought they
could escape its insidious currents. No one ever went near the water. No one apart from us, that is.
I suppose I always knew that what happened there wouldn’t stay hidden for ever, no matter how much I
wanted it to. No matter how hard I tried to forget . . .”

Join us at Blackpool Central Library for The Loney‘s Official Book Launch

£3 including refreshments

You can buy your tickets directly from Central Library
or online via eventbrite

‘Modern classics in this genre are rare, and instant ones even rarer; The Loney,
however, looks as though it may be both’
Sunday Telegraph


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