Michael Barrington – The Bishop Wears No Drawers

We are always excited when a North West writer releases a book…

The Bishop Wears no Drawers

Debut author, Michael Barrington, was born in Manchester and while his siblings relocated to Blackpool to work in the hotel industry he took quite a different path.

Michael has a fascinating story – he was the long-awaited only son in a large catholic family, so from being less than a minute old he was told he would become a priest. He did, and for a while found a way of making that work for him, doing missionary work in Nigeria. The work suited him well – he still works on humanitarian projects all over the world, ultimately though the priesthood was like a bad suit that didn’t fit. The Bishop Wears No Drawers is a (sometimes darkly) funny memoir about this period in his life – a decade spent in the bush. While a bloody civil war plays out around him, he witnesses the inner conflicts and corruption of the church and deals with his own profound inner struggle.

Combined with warm humor, moving insights and personal testament, Barrington offers an unfettered glimpse into the rarely entered domain and closed doors of the highest level of church management.

Submitted by Clancy, Reader Development Manager


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