Brave New World – A Review

Dystopia is the New Black

brave new

Dystopian novels, films, and plays are big right now. Really big! From the block-busting Hunger Games franchise to the reams and reams of bleak futuristic young adult novels published. We just can’t seem to get enough of them.

With this in mind, we popped ourselves to The Grand Theatre yesterday to watch Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. This is the first ever stage adaptation of this classic novel and we were unsure how the book would translate to the stage. We were not disappointed.

The play mostly remained true to the story. Lighting and music were used to great effect, perfectly conveying the modulated, sexualised and consumer driven society. The acting was engaging and immersive and we were thoroughly gripped throughout. The combination of the frenetic advertising, visions of cells multiplying and various other images screened in the background and the more graceful balletic moves of the actors and the frozen tableau were truly hypnotizing

We were further treated after the show to an audience with the cast, hosted by our very own Clancy Mason. It was fascinating to learn how the actors interpret their characters. The discussion ranged from the relevance the novel still held today, to identity and social media. With a handful of technical theatre questions, thrown in for good measure.

Written by Dawn King and directed by James Dacre and with original music by These New Puritans. This Touring Consortium Theatre Company and Royal & Derngate Northampton  adaptation of Brave New World is not to be missed.


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