February’s Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Rubyfruit Jungle

by Rita Mae Brown

Contemporary Fiction

brown vintage.jpg

This novel originally published in 1973 tells the story of Molly Bolt, a young girl with a strong sense of self-belief. That self belief is challenged repeatedly throughout her young life. Molly stays true to herself throughout but those about her find it difficult coming to terms with her sexuality. Her adopted mother Carrie disowns her- she can’t understand why Molly can’t be ‘normal’.
Despite her impoverished beginnings Molly is determined to succeed in life. She works hard at school and gains a scholarship to the University of Florida, only to have her scholarship revoked when her affair with her female roommate is discovered. Nothing deters Molly for her chosen career path; she battles bravely through betrayal, misunderstandings and hypocrisy.
In this book we follow a beautiful, intelligent and plucky young woman on her journey to become accepted for who she is and succeed in a career dominated by men.

Recommended by Zoe, Library Assistant at Central Library

Happy 2014 from Blackpool Library Service

 February marks LGBT History Month- to find out more information on this please visit the LGBT History Month website and for more recommended reads, click here.


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