Other Worlds Festival, 7-10 April 2016



Hang on to your hats kids! The Other Worlds Festival is back, bringing with it innovative new sounds to thrill your ears.

There are all manner of fantastic events from 7 April – 10 April, and we’re delighted to be involved.

If you pop into Blackpool Central Library on the 8 – 9 April you will be treated to B0rkestra-a collection of computers that play acoustic instruments… with a little help from you. So get involved.

If you wander into our Reading Lounge you will be treated to a soothing sound installation, so relax and enjoy the Sounds of Skippool Creek.

We are also super excited to host Sound Book Project at Blackpool Central Library on Saturday 9 April at 3pm.

Sound Book Project is a collaboration of artists and musicians who use books in surprising and new ways to produce a fantastical soundscape.

Here at Blackpool Libraries we just LOVE our books, so to be able to hear the musical voice of books will be truly magical.

You can get tickets to Other Worlds Festival events here


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