Jenny Eclair answers our burning questions…


Please see image above for our levels of excitement for Saturday!

We can’t believe that our World Book Night celebrations will be kicking off on Saturday 23 April with a special visit from Jenny Eclair. 

We were lucky enough to ask Jenny some burning questions before the big night…

What inspired you to start writing novels?

The truth is that David Baddiel got a book deal and I couldn’t bear the idea of another comic doing what I very badly wanted to do- so I got my agent to set up some meetings and oddly enough Little Brown offered me a contract- I was determined to write a novel before I was 40 – I managed it … Just

I also knew that there was room for novels written by women who sit very much in the middle of the intellectual span, not high brow but not daft

Where did your love affair with reading begin?

Very young, we lived in Berlin from 1964- 68 and we didn’t have a telly – reading was all the rage

We loved the device of the house tour as a means of exploring memories of the past, what gave you the idea?

Houses are always an important feature in my books – it’s the grown up version of playing dolls houses

Are there any of your characters that you’ve felt particularly drawn to?

All of them – I sympathise with every single one and there’s a bit of me in them all too

Is there a particular character, scenario, or genre you would like to explore but have yet to attempt in your writing?

I don’t feel ready to tackle anything historical – I don’t think I’ve got the skills to be accurate

Do you think your Northern identity influences your writing style?

Yes, because I can set scenes in the North (Fern living in Manchester in Moving)  and write convincing Northerners – it also gives me the opp to write about Northerners who have moved away – like Anne in Life, Death and Vanilla Slices

What came first your love of writing or comedy?
Which is more natural or enjoyable for you to write?

Both – stand up is easier to start with, you don’t need a narrative – but once you’re halfway through a novel and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel – then writing fiction is more satisfying- that said a great punchline trumps everything


Have libraries played a role in developing your love of books and reading?

I used to go to the mobile library in Ansdell with my mum- I am a staunch supporter of libraries and swimming pools – a civilised society must be able to read and swim

 Celebrate World Book Night with Jenny Eclair
Saturday 23 April 2016
Central Library

Tickets are available from Central Library and can be booked online via Eventbrite
£15 for non library members
£13 for library members

Suitable for age 16 upwards.



  1. Isn’t it good to meet unpretentious humorous women – it was a lovely night with Jenny Eclair. I haven’t been to Blackpool for 35 years and we had a wonderful weekend. Well done Central Library – it was like attending a private party, only better! Thanks to all

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Jan! It really was a great evening with a wonderful audience. Hopefully we’ll be able to host some more like it in the near future!

      Thanks for coming 🙂

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