Camerados’ Living room in Central Library Cafe

We’re so excited to be a part of this amazing project as we watch Central Library’s cafe turn into  Camerados’ Living room for the next 4 weeks!

Thursday 19 May to Saturday 18 June 2016 *

Cit8HjJWEAAaK_xPhoto credit: Twitter @MaffPotts

Camerados’ Living room is transforming Central Library cafe into a sanctuary for people in all walks of life- looking for somewhere to make friends and find purpose- and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

Award-winning chef and social entrepreneur Simon Boyle, founder of Brigade restaurant in London, is working with local volunteers to prepare great food- ranging from a traditional Lancashire Hotpot with homemade bread to Avocado and Pesto salad with flaxseed. There’s even gluten free and vegan options available, all served by local and friendly volunteers.

And if the amazing food doesn’t lure you in, the decor will! With a little help from Furniture Matters & Shabby2Chic, they’re made Central Library cafe as inviting as your living room at home. We’ve got comfy settees, great artwork and friendly faces all round! The Living room is a new kind of public space where you can go to hang out, regroup, or just be!

Join us, get involved and get that feel-good feeling in Central Library cafe! 
From Thursday 19 May to Saturday 18 June 2016 during Central Library’s opening times*.
*except Mondays & late nights

Want to learn more about Camerados?

 “Camerado” comes from Walt Whitman‘s poem “Song for the Open Road” where he says that the most important thing on the journey is someone beside you. 

Camerados is a new national movement of people who want to provide a solution to tough times that isn’t a service and is simply people helping each other find the two essentials in life: Friends and Purpose. They launched their movement in Blackpool in November last year when people with tough lives created their own business in 4 weeks and traded in The Hounds Hill shopping centre – did you see elves wrapping your presents?  

Camerados receive vital support from Blackpool Fulfilling Lives in the secondment of staff member Sarah Mortimer who is leading the project. Furniture Matters (and off shoot ‘Shabby2Chic‘) who provide Blackpool with great low-cost up-cycled goods for the home are helping make the space truly resemble a living room.  

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  1. CAMERADOS- This is SO special! I was happy to be greeted by smiling faces; busy cooking; and an excellent imaginatively decorated and furnished environment. Well done Camerados. Thank You Blackpool Central Library.

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