June’s Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Somewhere Inside of Happy by Anna McPartlin

Contemporary Fiction

Anna McPartlin shines again with her new novel ‘Somewhere Inside of Happy‘. A beautifully crafted novel that builds just the right amount of tension that leaves you holding your breath until the very last word!

Maisie Bean is the main voice but like Anna’s last book, each chapter contains the voices of all the characters. Each one is so carefully created that even very early on, you feel connected and that they are your friends.

Maisie is a single parent to Jeremy and Valerie and, after escaping a brutal marriage, is about to embark on a new relationship with local police officer, Fred Brennan. Things seem to be going well for her – until her son and his friend go missing. It is new years day 1995 and over the next 5 days we go on an emotional rollercoaster ride of half-truths and hidden secrets.

Anna McPartlin treads where few authors want to go, taking us with her on Maisie’s nightmare journey to solve the mystery of her missing son, making us witness the breakdown in communication between Maisie and her daughter and her alienation of Fred.

We also meet Maisie’s mother, Bridie, who is living with dementia, she may not recognise Maisie most days and treats Fred with suspicion  but she has a secret of her own to reveal – if only she could remember what it was! All these threads come together and make for dramatic reading.

Everyone who enjoys a novel with humour, characters you can relate to easily and a story to keep you awake reading until the wee small hours – this is the book for you. Guaranteed to take you ‘Somewhere Inside of Happy’!

Recommended by Helen, Library Assistant at Moor Park Library

Happy 2014 from Blackpool Library Service

Don’t forget Anna McPartlin will be joining us at Layton Library on Wednesday 22 June at 12pm.

A limited number of tickets are still available so don’t miss out!
Tickets cost £3 and include refreshments


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