A Twitter Book Club Summer Special

Welcome to the Book Club you can join from anywhere.

Whether outside in your garden with a glass of something cold, or pyjama clad on your sofa with a cup of tea. This group is for everyone – from Blackpool, or beyond.

July 16 TBC

Due to our jam-packed July (keep your eye on our blog , Facebook & Twitter to find out what we’re up to) this month’s #Bookpool will take place at the slightly later date of Tues 26 July.

Our #Bookpool theme for July is Sun-drenched reads and we’ve taken this veeery literally. This month we’ve made another foray into Young Adult territory with I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson.

I'll give you the sun cover

Meet the twins, Jude and Noah. Once incredibly close, their relationship is now broken and twisted. This is the story of what caused this rupture. Will they ever be able to mend their rift?

Want to read it? You can download the eBook, or reserve a copy.

I’ll Give You the Sun is on the Reading Agency’s Reading Well for Young People Booklist. Shelf Help is a national reading scheme which aims to support young people’s mental health. The list of books has been selected by mental health professionals and young people. Find the full Booklist here.


You can find all the Shelf Help books at Blackpool Libraries

So, grab a copy of I’ll Give You the Sun. Enjoy! Then join us on Twitter on Tuesday 26 July at 8pm when we can enjoy some bookish chat.

Can’t wait!



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