Library Trip to Me Before You


It’s always great when a book that you love becomes a film, but it can also be bittersweet if it doesn’t live up to what you imagined. Moor Park Library Team Leader, Jane, visited the Odeon cinema to see Me Before You last week and sent us this review…

My favoured option is to always read the book before I see the film as there are always details and characters missing and this film was no different.

I felt it set the scene very well, but because I had read the book, I’m not sure if this gave me the advantage that others may not have had. There was also the rare situation where the characters in the film actually did look like the pictures I had formed in my head reading the book! Also the scenes in the house, away on holiday or at a wedding – were all as I imagined them! This has to attributed to Moyes’ brilliant writing ability – and the fact that she wrote the screenplay too.

Overall I loved the film, the settings, the costumes and the fab soundtrack! The actors were extremely well cast and you were drawn into their lives from the offset.

It is, as described, a bittersweet story that leaves you happy and sad all at the same time – but I reckon that those of us who had read the book were moved just a little more than the others!


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