ABSENT – Win Tickets!


Take a journey through the hidden spaces of Blackpool’s iconic Winter Gardens to explore the bygone splendour of its glorious past before it is redeveloped by a modern property development company.

In 1958 a young woman wins the jackpot on the Premium Bonds and celebrates by checking into the exclusive Pavilion Suite at the fashionable Winter Gardens Hotel.

Over 50 years later, she is still living there.

Now the new owners of the building say they are redeveloping the hotel to make it more affordable for working people, creating jobs and prosperity. They have a reputation to maintain and they want her out.

But what are they really up to? What’s really going on inside the once darkened corridors and faded interiors of this mysterious hotel?

Above all, who is this enigmatic woman and why has she been there for so long?

Travelling in small groups at your own pace, ABSENT takes you on a theatrical journey along a maze of rooms and corridors that are inexplicably transforming before your very eyes. Mixing film, architecture and vast model-making installations with a haunting soundtrack, you will enter a kaleidoscopic world that shifts between Blackpool’s past, present and future to create a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

You’ll never look at the Winter Gardens in the same way again; you’ll never look at Blackpool in the same way again. 

This show is set to be nothing like anything you have ever seen before in Blackpool, with an interactive set and a spellbinding story, we’re thrilled to be giving you the opportunity to see this for FREE!

Want to win a set of tickets? Head to Facebook & Twitter and share our post with your friends.
Make sure that you like & follow our pages so that we can contact you should you win!

Winning tickets will be valid for 4pm ‘tour’ on Sunday 21st August 2016
Competition ends
: Thursday 18 August 2016 at 5pm


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