Throwback Thursday – Murder Mystery Style



To celebrate World Book Night in 2007, Central Library became the dusty location of a murderous plot.

Library Assistant Zoe AKA Edith Le Grandbutte takes us back to that tumultuous night where library customers were invited to solve the case of The Brie, The Bullet & the Black Cat

“It was a bleak evening in Central Library when the deputy Mayor was hosting a marvellous dinner party, however the evening soon took a dark turn when the guest of honour didn’t arrive. It was Casablanca’s finest in a tale of skulduggery, webs of intrigue and of course a heinous murder. During the course of the play it becomes apparent that the guest of honour has been murdered and that despite all outward appearances each character had a motive for wanting the ‘Black Cat’ to disappear. However, it was up to the audience to decide…

Was it my husband Hughes Le Granbutte or did they think it was me? A retired dancer and the wife of Hughes Le Granbutt. They surely can’t blame my dazzling daughter, Edith or her partner, Pierre Payanski, the half-Russian poet? Or the obvious suspect Otto Von Pinkelwurst, the fanatical and slightly insane Gestapo Officer?

 It couldn’t be the glamorous Countess Bogov, or could it? Don’t forget Cherie Boot, the cabaret singer, and Ingrid Pith, the art dealer, they’re not as innocent as they seem. Even the owner of Kirk’s African Café in downtown Casablanca, Kirk Ransom III can’t escape suspicion. & then there’s Monsuir Oily Carte, the booking agent for Moulin Bleu in Paris, who seems uncharacteristically quiet…

Whilst terrified that the unknown murdered might strike again, the audience were very appreciative and there were many laughs –mainly at the outrageous over acting and terrible accents. A unsuspecting audience member deciphered the clues and the murderer was brought to justice.

It was a fun, fab evening and the staff celebrated with fish and chips in the staffroom, the smell of chips and murder lingered on for weeks…”


So…. whodunnit…?


HUGHES LE GRANDBUTTE – Deputy Mayor of Casablanca
Ian, local actor
EDITH LE GRANDBUTTE – his wife, a former dancer
Zoe, Library Assistant at Moor Park Library
NICOLE LE GRANDBUTTE – their daughter
Janine, Library Assistant at Central Library
OTTO VON PINKELWURST – a Police officer, fanatical and possibly mad
Steven, Team Leader at Central Library
KIRK RANSOM III – an American who runs Kirk’s African Cafe in downtown Casablanca
Martin, former Library Team Leader
COUNTESS BOGOV – an exiled Russian aristocrat
Anna, former Central Library Manager
MONSIEUR OILY-CARTE – booking agent for the Moulin Bleu in Paris
Elaine, Bibliographical Services Assistant
PIERRE PAYANSKI – a 24 year old half-Russian poet
Tony, Local History Librarian
CHERIE BOOT – a French cabaret singer in her mid-20s
Anne, Local History Library Assistant
INGRID PITH – a Danish art dealer
Michelle, Library Assistant at Palatine Library


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