Black and White Pix

At Moor Park Library we have a great opportunity for you to become part of our photography display as well as snap up a good book!


In the frame for a good read is Jane Bolitho and her series of crime books set in Cornwall. In the first novel ‘Snapped in Cornwall’, Photographer Rose Trevelyan’s peaceful life is rocked by the murder of a client she hoped would become a friend.

Caught in the Light’ is Robert Goddards tense thriller of photographer Ian Jarrett, on assignment in Vienna, meets and falls in love with Marian Esguard and returns to England to break up with his wife and meet Marian at an agreed rendezvous. Unfortunately Marian fails to show and in trying to find her Ian sets out to solve a mystery that may be 170 years old.

If you find these a little bit negative in the romance department perhaps Fiona Harpers ‘The Little Shop of Hope and Dreams’ will catch your eye. Nicole, a true romantic has created the Hopes and Dreams proposal agency staging YouTube worthy marriage proposals.. until she is hired by photographer Alex Black’s girlfriend. Alex is the New Year’s kiss that she is unable to forget, suddenly the girl who is always prepared is at a loss….

In ‘The Repercussions’ by Catherine Hall, war photographer Jo returns from Afghanistan into the Brighton flat she has just inherited from her great- grandmother, Elizabeth. As Jo comes to terms with her demons she finds Elizabeth’s diary and in alternating text we find out about Jo’s chaotic life and Elizabeth’s account of nursing Indian soldiers at Brighton Pavilion in 1915. In this ambitious novel the psychological and emotional reality of war is explored  along with guilt, love and loss.

Other titles to focus on are Carl Hiaasen ‘Star Island’. Twenty two year old Cherry Pye is attempting a comeback from her latest rehab. Ann DeLusia is Cherry’s stunt double when the singer is too drunk to go out in public. But one night Ann – as Cherry – is kidnapped by an obsessed paparazzo named Bang Abbott.

Will Bang achieve his fantasy of a private photo shoot with ‘Cherry’? Will Cherry sober up to lip-synch her concert tour promoting her new album Skantily Klad? A humourous and wicked take on celebrity culture.

To develop more inspiration for you is an enthralling story of a life fully lived. William Boyd has created some of the most defining moments of modern history in ‘Sweet Caress’, told through the camera lens of the unforgettable Amory Clay.

Amory’s memory of her father is returning home from the First World War but it is her photographer uncle Greville who gives her a camera and some rudimentary lessons that unleashes a passion that will shape her future.

Whilst working for two pounds a week photographing socialites for magazines Amory is hungry for more and her search for life, love and artistic expression will take her to 1920s Berlin, New York of the 1930s to London and France during the Second World War where she becomes one of the first women war photographers. Her desire for experience will lead Amory to further wars, husbands and children as she continues to pursue her dreams.

Now you’ve had some exposure to some flash-bulb ready reads it’s your turn to make the display ‘picture perfect’.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself reading and email it to to put yourself in the frame and on the Blackpool Libraries blog.

Are you ready for your close-up?


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