Miss Peregrine comes to Blackpool!

To celebrate the release of the film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children a small gathering of library staff ventured to the Blackpool Odeon to see how the film, based on the book by Ransom Riggs, shapes up.


As we all live in Blackpool, we had experienced the thrill of having Tim Burton (and a few stars) gracing our shoreline last year during filming. We had heard the tales of fake snow being dumped on the Prom (in the middle of summer) and to say we were intrigued as to how Blackpool  looks in the movie, would perhaps be an understatement!

Here’s what we thought…

“I’ve not read the book , but will now after seeing the film. It’s entertaining for all age ranges, adapted in a classic Tim Burton style. I loved the unexpected freaky finale in Blackpool!” Sarah

“I am a fan of the books, the film departed from the novel quite frequently, but I found it to be good fun despite this. I enjoyed the picturesque gothic look of the film, typical of Tim Burton films. I was surprised at the extent to which Blackpool featured in the film and thought it was displayed affectionately. Blackpool looked amazing!” Michelle

“I enjoyed the film thoroughly. The filmography was excellent and added a washed out faded faintly sinister feel to the film. Miss Peregrine was portrayed brilliantly by Eva Green and it was great to see Blackpool looking so attractive on the big screen too!” Zoe

“I admit, I only read the book because the filming was happening in Blackpool. But I’m glad I did so before seeing this amazing film! The peculiar children are weirdly fascinating, the storyline intriguingly bizarre and Tim Burton utilized Blackpool’s shoreline and North Pier in spectacular fashion!” Jane

Ransom Rigg’s trilogy of books in this series can be borrowed from any Blackpool Library.
With thanks to the Odeon cinema for their generosity and support.



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