Christmas Crafts at Moor Park Library

Moor Park Library staff entertained a lively group of children at the annual Christmas Party, featuring stories, games and crafts. One of our favourites is to give the children a bag of magic reindeer food (which helps them fly!).

The children also had an opportunity to have their picture taken in our ‘Aunt Sally board’ posing as either Santa or Rudolph! They could also drop a letter in our Christmas postbox to be sent to Santa at the North Pole, replies have already started to arrive and can be collected from Moor Park Library.


One comment

  1. My grandson won a family ticket at this event to see Aladdin the Pantomime at the Grand Theatre.
    He had a wonderful time, the performances were fantastic and Steve Royale as Wishy Washy had the audience howling with laughter!!
    Did we have a good time? OH YES WE DID!!
    Many thanks from Luke (aged 8) Nan (55) and Great Grandma (80!!)

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