Festive Fun and Frolics!

Alternatively titled ‘Two Birds and a Turkey’ staff – Zoe, Helen and Martin – entertained at Moor Park library at an afternoon of fun and festivity  where various readings, poetry and a quiz were met with huge enjoyment and hilarity!

Martin’s excerpt from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ was wonderful, his interpretation of the Cratchit’s Christmas fare was mouth-watering!  This was followed by a reading of the nostalgic poem by Clement Clarke Moore, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ evoking all those lovely memories of childhood.

After a break of warmed mulled wine and a mince pie, a challenging Christmas quiz was read out and prizes for winners (and losers!) were given.

Zoe then continued the Christmas cheer with an extract from Sue Townsend’s ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4’. Adrian and Pandora’s improvised a reenactment of a Mary and Joseph scene, Adrian was playing it as Marlon Brando and Pandora was like Blanche Dubois, was very funny; but the actual school nativity is quite hilarious – from the opening music from ‘Close Encounters’ to the three wise ‘punks’ and the angels representing Mrs Thatcher, made the reading all the funnier!

A special ‘Thank you’ goes to Jennifer, a fabulous reader and friend to Moor Park, whose reading of John Julius Norwichs’ ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ was amazing! The book is a collection of twelve letters from Emily to her unseen admirer, who sends some incredible things over the twelve days, getting slightly more harassed as the days go on culminating in a final amusing letter from her solicitor! Well worth a read over Christmas – it’s very funny.

The three muskateers, (Zoe, Helen and Martin), will be back with more fun in the New Year, in the meantime we wish you a Merry Christmas!




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