Love is in the….Garden?


For all you romantic readers out there, according to the Queen of Romance (in my humble opinion!) the garden is just where you’ll find it!

The new novel by Katie Fforde, ‘A Secret Garden‘ is out this month and is the latest in a long line of hugely successful romantic novels that have earned her the title of No 1 Bestselling Author  by the Sunday Times.

In ‘A Secret Garden’ we meet Lorna, a talented gardener and Philly, a plantswoman who work at a beautiful manor house in the Cotswolds. They are surrounded by family and friends, enjoy their work but the path of true love is definitely not running smoothly!

So when Lorna meets Jack and Lucien catches Philly’s eye could things be about to change? Troublesome parents, the return of someone from Lorna’s past and the discovery of a secret garden are all about to make their lives more complicated!

I first discovered Katie’s novels in 1995 when ‘Living Dangerously‘ came out. It was about Polly Cameron trying to save the shops in the high street and start her own pottery business. It was a joy to read and just what I needed at the time – a story of a smart, intelligent woman but with a dash of humour and a large serving of romance.

Her second novel, and my unashamedly favourite of Katie’s, ‘The Rose Revived‘, tells the story of May, Sally and Harriet who, after being ripped off working for a cleaning company, decide to set up on their own. The business takes off and provides them with some stability and success in their lives along with some romantic possibilities. I actually wanted to live on a houseboat after reading this one!

I love the way Katie writes and how the fullness of her characters immediately appeal and you feel like you know them right from the beginning, and the romantic images she creates like a textile mill in Scotland ‘Highland Fling‘ or being a cook on a floating hotel ‘Life skills‘, all combine to create heartwarming stories.

So 22 novels later, Katie has carved a heart-shaped place, not only in literature, but in the hearts of many women who read and love all the characters in her books – from Thea Orville in ‘Artistic Licence‘ to, more recently, Emily the midwife in ‘A Summer at Sea‘. All of them have managed to win our hearts and affections. Whether they are abandoned by an unsuitable husband, ‘Restoring Grace‘ or ditching the fiance to live on a barge ‘Going Dutch‘, each novel restores our faith in romance and leaves us with a warm glow of satisfaction found only at the end of a Katie Fforde novel.

Don’t forget – some of Katie’s books are available to download from the library catalogue to your device.

To find out more about Katie and all of her books click on the hearts.heart



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