Detecting Murder with Grace

A dark and mysterious stranger will be appearing in Blackpool Libraries this month to promote his new novel ‘Follow My Leader’.

Some people may not yet have had the pleasure of reading the novels of M J Arlidge, a crime in itself, and punishable by enforced library loan by an angry Librarian!

M J’s debut thriller was ‘Eeny Meeny’, a fast paced novel, which introduces us to the new Detective Inspector, Helen Grace, a strong but flawed woman, who’s had her own demons to face to get to the top. In this first electrifying story pairs of victims are being abducted, imprisoned then faced with a terrible choice: kill or be killed. Would you rather lose your life or lose your mind? DI Grace leads the investigation to hunt the monster that may be leaving the survivors as a live calling card. It’s a novel that will grip you from the moment you start and leave you breathless at the end.

What followed was ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ another addictive page-turning read, developing the character of DI Helen Grace as it goes on. This time she is up against a truly evil adversary. The gruesome murder at the beginning is of a man, whose heart has been cut out and delivered home for his wife and family to see, but this is just the beginning, the killer has lots more deliveries to make!

All of M J’s books are fast paced thrillers that contain great plots and well developed characters. His latest novel does not disappoint.

‘Follow My Leader’ is his seventh novel and another adrenaline fuelled ride. This time a desperate young woman runs through a storm, banging on a front door, crying for help. The startled owner offers her refuge and lets her in. A fatal decision. He should never have opened the door…  Helen Grace, one of the first on the scene, will have the most dangerous night of her life, by sunrise eight people will be dead. Can Helen catch the ruthless killers?

All you can do is hang on and enjoy a rollercoaster of emotions! M J Arlidge steps where no other crime writer wants to go and creates an exhilarating, stomach-churning, thrill ride that there’s no getting off until the bitter end!

Meet M J Arlidge and author Ben Aaronovitch at Blackpool Central Library on Thursday 30th March at 7.15pm. Tickets are £6 each but if you also buy tickets to the Queens of Noir event too, you get a hotpot supper!


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