Murder Matters at Anchorsholme Library


Every second Thursday of the month a small group of unassuming readers ponder, deduce and solve the eternal question – ‘Whodunnit’?

There is no sign of a candlestick, a rope or even a deerstalker hat but the Anchorsholme Crime Reading Group are good at what they do! Reading the designated novel, solving the clues and are, hopefully, still suprised by the twist at the end!

Many crime novels have come under their scrutiny like – ‘Night Watch‘ by Linda Fairstein, ‘I Let You Go‘ by Claire MacIntosh and ‘The Hypnotist‘ by Lars Keplar to very mixed reviews!

Most recently they have read ‘In  Dark Dark Wood‘ by Ruth Ware and here is what they had to say…

Although the cover of the book gave nothing away, once I’d started the first few pages I found I’d read half of it in one go as I couldn’t put it down! I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to read the rest of the book.

Uniquely the reader is informed someone had died but not who it was! So as well as trying to decide who was the murderer, I spent ages thinking of who had died!

The story was about 6 people meeting up one weekend for a hen party. One of them left before the murder, leaving 5 in an isolated house with no apparent mobile phone connection and the landline down.   

I found the second part of the book to be a bit disappointing because as the plot unfolded I found it a bit contrived in places, but it is not the first crime book I’ve read where you need to allow some poetic licence.

Sometimes a crime story will echo another plot you’ve read before but this one certainly didn’t! Overall I enjoyed it as the ending provided quite a twist and I would certainly recommend it to others to read, particularly those that may have enjoyed Paula Hawkins, Liane Moriarty or Gillian Flynn.

Anne W

The Crime Group’s next meeting will be Thursday 9th March where they will be talking about Robert Crais ‘The Watchman‘.


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