Crime Reading at Anchorsholme

Once again the sleuths of Anchorsholme Reading Group have been solving another mystery – Who is Elvis Cole?

                     Answer: One of the characters in Robert Crais’ novel The Watchman.

Joe Pike is usually the sidekick to Elvis Cole but in this novel it is Joe who is tasked with looking after young female witness in a case involving a very dangerous gangster. The witness, Larkin Conner Barkely, couldn’t be more different from the close-mouthed Joe: she’s rich, wilful and very much used to getting her own way. The uneasy alliance between the two is not much helped when some very violent men start breathing down their necks. Joe realises that he has to drag a reluctant Larkin from her privileged background and hide her from view in the more downmarket areas of L.A., while at the same time bloodily taking the battle to the enemy.

Here is what the Reading Group thought –

Mr Crais has written scripts for action packed US tv cop shows and he has carried over the fast paced action into this novel.

The story concerns a car accident early one morning. The occupants of the hit car don’t want Police involved and the backseat passenger leaves the car and runs off. The Police then trace the car back to some well known criminals. The girl who caused the accident is willing to identify the occupants of the car and testify in court, but despite Police protection someone tries to kill her and Joe Pike is hired to keep her safe until the trial.

It is a well researched book on the security levels the US has from local police forces to Homeland Security and it’s interesting how they can find and trace criminals via forensic evidence.

With all this information it is not a light read but there are lots of twists and turns to keep up the pace. The book is one of 17 books that have the main characters Elvis Cole and Joe Pike and as I enjoyed this one I have taken out another one in the series.

Anne W.

The Crime Group’s next meeting will be Thursday 13th April where they will be talking about Susie Steiner ‘Missing, Presumed‘.


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