Festival Friday at Central Library

Are you an aspiring novelist hoping to get your work published? Or maybe a writer of short stories or poetry? Then come to Central Library on Friday 31st March and join our discussion group with Maura Brickell, from Maura PR & Communications. Kevin Duffy, head of independent publisher, Bluemoose Books and Anna Chilvers, debut author of Falling Through Clouds and Tainted Love. Tickets are £4 and the panel will start their talk at 12pm.

A new creative writing project is launching with Liverpool-based Writing on the Wall at Central Library. Three new projects, What’s Your Story?, Postcards to Blackpool and Pulp Idol will start at 2pm. Everybody has a story to tell and you can be involved in this unique opportunity for creative support.

Postcards to Blackpool use unique archives for inspiration and an array of images to write to friends and family that you wish they were here.

And if you’re feeling confident you can enter into the Pulp Idol competition for new writers to get their novel showcased to the public. Reaching new audiences by getting a first chapter in front of agents and publishers in a book of ‘Firsts’ sent out across the country.

A special Talk about Torque will then be held at 4pm with a preview tour of the new exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery called Re-Learning to Read. Using an interactive installation, talks, film and workshops it asks us if we need to relearn to read in an era of social media emojis and speed reading apps.It includes a new reading machine combining  scanners, screens and sculpture.


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