Wordpool Wonders!

Well done to everyone involved in Wordpool, our Festival of Written Word, you helped make it a great success!

It was amazing to meet all our favourite authors Ellie Griffiths, Alex Marwood, Denise Mina and Sharon Bolton at the Stanley Park Cafe to start the launch with a bang!

Thursday brought us a feast of fabulous authors. Alice Broadway set the day off at Palatine Library and was followed at Layton Library with debut authors Kit De Waal and GX Todd. The prolific Susan Lewis had cream tea at Moor Park and the whole thing was topped off by our Queens of Noir Julia Crouch, Sarah Ward and Mandasue Heller and hot on their heels were Ben Aaranovitch and MJ Arlidge to round off an interesting and informative day that had something for everyone!

Friday was all about you and your writing. Maura Brickell, Kevin Duffy and Anna Chilvers helped to answer the question You’ve written your bestseller…what happens now? which lead to some creative writing projects with Liverpool-based Writing on the Wall and ended with a tour of the new installation at the Grundy Art Gallery curated by Torque.

All in all a great Festival, 3 days of talking and writing about what we love the most! Hope to see you again next year!



  1. Arrived at Moorpark Library just as this Susan Lewis was about to start speaking quite by chance! Just an odd seat left so I stayed to listen – she was a most entertaining speaker. Unlike some members of the audience who were obviously dedicated fans I’ve never read her books but will definitely try one now!
    Many thanks.

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