Invitation to LeftCoast Social

Groups and clubs are invited to take part in Rear View in Blackpool.  LeftCoast is excited to be presenting IOU Theatre’s Rear View in Blackpool in July.   Rear View is a unique interactive experience where the streets of Blackpool become part of the performance. This exciting experience is taken on a custom-made conversion of a double decker bus, a mobile auditorium which will turn our town into a stage.

We are looking for Fylde Coast groups and clubs to volunteer to become part of the show and feature on the bus route. We are seeking groups of people who would be willing to demonstrate their skill/activity for a short period. Whilst you’re demonstrating your activity, the bus will drive past and audience members will observe you, bringing a local dimension to the performance.

Rear View by IOU is from the 13th – 15th July. For more information click here.


Check out LeftCoast on Facebook for the Fleetwood Festival of Transport feat. SpareParts on 16th July.


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