Sunshine and Camping at Moor Park


In honour of the sunshine here in Bispham we decided a summer camping display would be in order!

Camper van or canvas, we have books to guide you where to pitch your tent for the night, where to go when you get there and, more importantly, how to make your sausages really sizzle and your marshmallows melt!!

For those of you looking for a more ‘interesting’ read then look to our Fifty Shades of Yellow display. Holiday reading that reflects the weather with their varying shades of sunshine!!

Novels like the amazing fairytale like story of The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht shines next to Emma Smith’s memoir of a Cornish childhood in The Great Western Beach. There is also Maeve Binchy’s Victoria Line, Central Line where we meet the many people commuting to and from London on the tube to travelling further afield in Wilbur Smith’s epic Pharaoh, where we are transported to Egypt and the glittering temples of Luxor.

So wherever your campsite this summer, be it the south of France or your own back garden, there’s something here to enjoy while you soak up the sun!!



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