Crime Reading at Anchorsholme

Chris Mooney is an american author born and raised in Massachusetts, he has taught at Harvard University and is the bestselling author of eleven novels the most recent being Every Pretty Thing about his main character Darby McCormick.

His fourth book The Missing is where we first meet Darby when she almost dies on her sixteenth birthday. Out with two friends she discovers a tortured woman left for dead in the woods and after being chased by the criminal, Darby turns to ‘Big Red’ a local police officer, a hero and her father, to find who did this and bring him to justice.

Years later we meet Darby, now a cop herself, investigating a serial killer who has already killed her two best friends with whom she discovered the woman in the woods. The Missing was chosen as International Book of The Month choice and bestseller worldwide.

His latest novel Every Pretty Thing Darby McCormick is back and looking for her friend, FBI Agent Jackson Cooper, who has disappeared after being contacted by the only survivor of a murderer still at large in the wilds of Montana.

He needs Darby’s help to bring him in but when she arrives Cooper has vanished and, all alone, she is being stalked by a predator wanting another victim!

The Reading Group read The Dead Room in which a mother and her son have been executed in their home and fingerprint matches show their attacker died twenty years ago. But how can dead serial killers return to haunt the present? The answers lie in the darkest shadows of The Dead Room. When CSI Darby McCormick is called to the crime scene, it’s one of the most gruesome she’s ever seen.

I found this book hard to get into at first, there were a lot of characters and scientific instruments that were unfamiliar and difficult to imagine. The story was quite complicated at first then everything seemed to come together and i couldn’t put it down. 

There is a bit of violence and killing in the book that is quite graphic but it did not deflect from the excitement of the plot and the pace of the overall novel.

If it had not been a Reading Group choice it would not be a novel I would have chosen, but i’m glad I read it to the end as I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

Anne W.

Anchorsholme Reading Group will be meeting on 14th September at 2pm where they will be discussing David Baldacci Absolute Power.





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