Tahi Moore at the Grundy!

Kim Wilde’s Heart of Darkness is the first UK exhibition of New Zealand-based artist Tahi Moore. Moore’s work involves video, sculpture and text, constructing narratives that create associations which first appear unconnected but taken as a whole invite a deep and fertile new imaginative realm. The title Kim Wilde’s Heart of Darkness refers to Kim Wilde’s 1981 song ‘Cambodia’ – both a heart breaking story of an air force wife who loses her husband in the Vietnam War and typical synthy 80s Top of the Pops tune!

Moore Moore’s video works retain a formal and seductive beauty. Images of mountains, domestic interiors of holiday homes, lights of synthesizers or the lapping of the sea carry a resonance and act like visual triggers. Moore often uses literary references and characters to construct new scenarios and scripts. These often have a beckett-esque flow where strange thoughts start to loop in endless circles. Sometimes the text comes away from the video and literally becomes ‘stuck’ on the screen, unable to move or progress.

The exhibition is on now at the Grundy Art Gallery until the 23rd December 2017.


For further information contact Grundy Art Gallery 01253 478170, Tues-Sat  10am-5pm.


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