24/7 Library

‘Libraries are not made; they grow’

Our library service can’t be open all the time, but we try to be there to help whenever we can- that’s why we have our 24/7 library. Have a look at all the books we have to offer through our online catalogue and take advantage of our reserve and renew facilities. Not a member? Not a problem, head to any Blackpool Library and we’d be delighted to add you as a member.

Blackpool Library Service Kids Corner

Reserve and Renew

If you’ve got a book out on your record, you can renew your book from home. All you need to do is head to our library catalogue and log in with your library card number (starting 2411410) and your selected PIN. If you haven’t already selected PIN, it will automatically be set to 0000.
Want to reserve a book? Log into your account and browse our catalogue to find the book that you want and you will see an option to reserve it. Select ‘reserve’ and select which library you would like to collect it from and they’ll give you a call when it comes in.
Please be aware there may be a charge of 60p to reserve a book.

Blackpool Library Service Kids Corner

There really is no point in purchasing e-books when you can borrow them from the library for free. Using our online system, you can download both e-books and audiobooks from home. Our services are now compatible with most of the popular e-book and audiobook readers, with the download of some simple programming.
Please visit our E-book guide for any more help or telephone a Blackpool Library for more information.

Blackpool Library Service Kids Corner

Learn a Language
We’re making learning a language so much easier- and cheaper. With Blackpool Library Service, you can learn a language for free. This online language course works at your pace, you can visit it as often or as little as you desire. Choose from over 70 languages with this listen, see, speak and write package. We also have books to support your learning process, which you can borrow from any of the Blackpool libraries.

Blackpool Library Service Kids Corner

Keep a look out for special events we have coming up in the future,
by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

For any further information, contact Blackpool Central Library on 01253 478080 or email us at central.library@blackpool.gov.uk


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